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This Unit was designed to replace an obsolete Eaton pump in a marine application. Due to the original unit being plumbed with hard tubes the ports had to be matched both along the length and width of the unit.

18323084501 LSVWM 1 - Custom Units
18323084501 RSVWM 1 - Custom Units
18323084501 QV Web 1 - Custom Units


This unit was made to replace one that is no longer available. In order to repair their equipment the costumer needed to re-use the original valve package. Working closely with them, our team was able to design and machine a pattern that would interface in-between the new tandem pump and their existing valve package.

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This costumer had a tandem pump that failed in the field. Replacing this unit by specification would normally be no problem. However, in this application the inlet ports were tied together Via a manifold. The costumer kindly agreed to ship us the original unit. Once this arrived we were able to take precise measurements and provide a drop in replacement.

PS17 3319 QV - Custom Units
PS17 3319 New QV - Custom Units
PS17 3319 LSV - Custom Units
PS17 3319 New LSV - Custom Units
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